Privacy Policy

The following Privacy Policy describes our Policy we use on the
following Domains/Subdomains:, and

1.0 Personal Information
We will not and never share your personal information with any third companies.
The following sentences will describe that clearer.

1.1 Log files
Our webserver creates and saved log files containing the following:
your IP-Adress, the date of visit, the Browser you used and the page
you accessed. IP-Adresses will be anonymized after 24 hours.

1.2 Cookies
With visitting our Website, we may create a cookie on your Computer.
This cookie will not be used for tracking or similar.

1.3 Statistics
We are using Software to visualize Statistics.
It uses the first two blocks of your IP-Adress to
determine your location (limited to country).

Statistics will never contain personal information when published.

2.0 Stored information
All information stored on our Server are stored in a database.
Data which is sensitives will be encrypted by current security defaults.

3.0 Social Stuff
This website is optimized for Social Networks, but please note:
We are not using things connecting to the networks on their own.
If you want to like us, you can visit our facebook page.