Terms of Service

With using this service, you accept our Terms of Service.
Last change: 27.04.2014

1.0 General
This service is provided and hosted by The home of Anime (called THA from now on).
See information about owner in imprint. You are called 'the user'.

2.0 Use of this service
The use of this service is free and without any advertisments.
It's not necessary to register for it's use.

2.1 In case of registration
The user has to use his own mail-address. It doesn't matter if it's
a main account or just some account for online services, as long
as the user is checking that account in case of a needed notification.

2.2 Posting and using links
Posting of illegal content is probihibed. In case of abuse of this service,
the account and all it's belonging links will be deleted. All links posted to our database
can not be checked all manually.
Thus, in case you aren't sure if the link you'll be redirected to is 'safe' or not
better don't use it.

2.3 Account security
THA is doing it's best in protecting your data from thirds
and uses latest encryption and security tools. Please be aware that we
can not guarantee complete security. Also the user has to help with
protecting his data. This involves changing his password from time to time
and to use secure passwords.

3.0 Ending subscrition
The accounts are free of charge. We can and will
delete/ban your account as soon as you begin to violate our TOS.
In case you want to delete your account and the links, you can simply delete
your account through the interface.

4.0 Limits
In general THA does not limit the services. Please note that
in case of exessive use, we may limit the use in case to
ensure system stability.